29 December 2009


If I end up in Vienna next semester studying German. . .I'm still going to need English-language philosophy books in order to finish the dissertation!

Even though WVO Quine convincingly argues that all languages are ultimately translated into one another in an indeterminate fashion, German/French is still required for the PhL/PhD. 

Hoops, hoops. @#$% hoops.


  1. What language is: "@#$%?" Whatever the language, I'm fairly sure it translates the same in any language.

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Vienna is lovely, although you may have your work cut out for you--there were three little girls in red cassocks serving the Mass I attended at Karlskirche.

  3. Vienna is the heart of the two most beautiful words in the German language: mit schlag. You'll love it!!