05 November 2009

Writing Philosophy-ese is BORING!

I am having some difficulty adjusting my writing style to fit the expectations of philosophical discourse.

For example, this morning I composed the following sentence:  "Truth is neither found naked among the things of the world nor is it made a la Frankenstein's monster in the laboratory of words."

Translated into Philosophy-ese:  "Truth is neither a property of the real nor an artifact of language."


(Clarification:  I don't mean that philosophy is intellectually boring. . .I just mean that it is no fun to write. . .)


  1. What you stated didn't bore me. I thought it was interesting. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is why my majoring in Philosophy lasted HALF a semester.

    If that.

  3. Hum...maybe I should think twice about the idea of pursuing a dual MA in Philosophy & Theology...?!

  4. Anonymous3:59 PM

    But I'd much rather read the first sentence.

  5. I find philosophy-ese very clear. I would prefer it parallel with the symbolic equivalents :)

  6. ahh, the inner poet is bursting out.

    here's my Rx. sit and write a tone of poetry then try to go back to the paper.....course that could just stimulate the muse and backfire horrendously so beware......

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