18 November 2009

Translation approved

Good news!

The American bishops voted to approve all five parts of the new Roman Missal translation.

Despite the best parliamentarian efforts of Bishop "Ineffable" Trautman to throw the process off the rails, the translations were overwhelmingly approved.  I think the bishops are sick of the whole interminable process.  They voted to ask the Vatican to finish up translating one part of the missal!

Assuming the translation gets the stamp of approval from Rome, we should be using the new book come Easter 2011.


  1. Assuming? Is there really a chance Rome won't put their stamp of approval on it?

    I'm hoping we'll get until Advent of 2011. We have a lot of catechesis to do: with priests, with liturgists and musicians, with folks in the pews.

    (Plus it makes more sense to me to mandate implementation at the start of a new liturgical year, not in the middle of one.)

  2. I'm happy about the approval at last. However, wouldn't it start to be used on Advent, when the liturgical year starts?

  3. I'm more curious on how many parishes will continue using their hymnals pending new editions to coincide with the new translations. ^^

  4. I think it would come into use Easter, with mandatory use on Advent. Not everyone will switch at once, methinks.

  5. Augustine,

    My guess would be that there will be a "transition period" and a final cutoff date when the new translation will be the only one allowed for the Novus Ordo. Even relatively minor liturgical changes such as the clarification on bowing before receiving Eucharist, the instructions on standing before the "Lord, I am not worthy" prayer, and the instructions on cleansing of the sacred vessels had several months to be implemented. With so many changes and the vast opportunity for instruction of the faithful, it may very well be Easter 2011 before the new translation is completely rolled out.

  6. But the new translations are horrible!