16 November 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing

The rise of incivility. . .yea, the blogosphere is partially to blame for this.  The real culprit is the tyranny of political correctness.  Instead of teaching children to be polite, we teach them P.C. nonsense.  Politics governs civil interaction rather than good manners.  I'll be the first to confess that as a recovering left-lib P.C. activist, I am STILL tempted to this sin in this way.  That's a reason, not an excuse.

According to this Japanese expert, both the Left and the Right are dead wrong about B.O.'s bow to the Emperor.  It wasn't obsequious or necessary. . .just dumb and poorly executed.  Oh well.

Editors and readers at amazon.com chose the top books of 2009.  Caution:  the #1 reader pick is a Dan Brown book.  This says many, many sad things about America's readers.

The cowardly director of 2012 refused to depict the destruction of mosques in this blow-'em-up film, freely admitting that he was afraid of a jihadist reaction.  He has no such qualms about destroying Christian monuments however.  Does this bother me?  Not really.  The Church is not found in buildings or monuments.  I'd mourn the loss of St. Peter's for its art and historical significance. . .but the "gates of hell" and all that.   Will I see the movie?  Are you kidding!?  This is The Redneck Movie of the Year!

Since Living-Humans can't win against the enemy in the coming Zombie Apocalypse, the Special Forces have done the next best thing:  recruited Zombies to join our side against the Islamo-facist terrorists in Afghanistan.  Putting Zig Ziegler to work against terror!

Pro-aborts whine about the "interference" of the American bishops in the recent passage of the Stupak amendment to Pelosi's ScaryCare.  They rage against this dire assault on the separation of Church and State and demand that the tax-exempt status of the Church be investigated by the IRS.  Of course, these are principled lefties, so we assume that they want ALL churches  involved in political lobbying investigated.  Well, not so much.  Left-lib Protestant churches who support abortion are just fine.  Figures.

Axelrod hints that B.O. will strike anti-abortion funding language from any health care bill that comes to him.  But we knew this already.

The Pope meets Picasso?  Not quite.  But close enough.  I confess that I like modern art.  There's raw creativity there even if there's little immediate evidence of talent.  Just watch a Youtube video on how to paint an abstract picture for your den and you will come away thinking, "That's art?  I can do that!"  Maybe that's the point?  Anyway, modern art?  Yes.  Modern art in Church?  No way.

And there's this:  an appeal for a return to an authentically Catholic sacred art.


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  2. Anonymous1:26 AM

    i don't agree with your first observation.

    Rush, Hannity and the rest are the most foul people around.

    The leftie Maddow is polite.

    I don't agree with her but she's polite. The rightie buffoons are embarrassing.

  3. Maddow may be polite...if so, she's the exception. I agree with you that Rush, Beck, ad nau are rude. But so are Olbermann and most of the MSNBC lineup. Incivility knows no political ideology.

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I thought in your blog you blamed the rise of incivility on the "left-lib P.C. activist[s]"...

    Isn't there a contradiction here re: your last comment.

    [about it knowing no ideology] I agree with that and THAT was my point.

    But I thought your post was contrary to that.

    The righties are the rudies and think it is not serving them well.

    Wm. F. Buckley was a dying breed. And he knew it. He thought Conservatism was going toward the socially inept and verbally abusive.

    And he was right. Ha. In every sense.

  5. "Axelrod hints that B.O. will strike anti-abortion funding language from any health care bill"
    Forgive me if I'm just out of date, but I thought the President is given no such power. Heck, he doesn't even have recission authority over budget items any more. Striking offending language is not on his list, only signing or vetoing the existing text of a bill. Do these people have any understanding of "separation of powers" at all?