28 November 2009

Eco-totalitarianism & the Church

Melanie Phillips of the Spectator gets it exactly right:

[. . .]

All the manipulation, distortion and suppression revealed by these emails took place because it would seem these scientists knew their belief was not only correct but unchallengeable; and so when faced with evidence that showed it was false, they tried every which way to make the data fit the prior agenda. And those who questioned that agenda themselves had to be airbrushed out of the record, because to question it was simply impossible. Only AGW zealots get to decide, apparently, what science is. Truth is what fits their ideological agenda. Anything else is to be expunged.

Which is the more terrifying and devastating: if people are bent and deliberately try to deceive others, or if they are so much in thrall to an ideology that they genuinely have lost the power to think objectively and rationally?

I think that the terrible history of mankind provides the answer to that question. Nixon was a crook. But what we are dealing with here is the totalitarian personality. One thing is now absolutely clear for all to see about the anthropogenic global warming scam: science this is not.

One element of the Globo-Warmist fraud that hasn't been covered is the impact these revelations will have on certain eco-dogmas that have seeped into the Church.  Many religious orders have wholeheartedly embraced "Saving Earth" as the 21st-century equivalent to "Saving Pagan Babies."

Orders as traditional and as worthy as the Dominicans have signed on the United Nations Millennium Goals and the scary-scary Earth Charter.  Both of these have laudable elements, elements easily and readily taken on by faithful Catholics (e.g., affordable medical care, education).  But both also have elements that defy basic Church teachings.  The UNMG has a well-hidden abortion/contraception agenda and the EC has an "equal rights" agenda that would require the Church to significantly alter basic moral teachings on marriage and family all in the name of "sustainability."  Environmental sustainability makes perfect sense to any reasonable person.  However, a major component of global sustainability is population control, i.e. abortion, contraception, and euthanasia.  

It takes about a minute of reading to see that both of these projects are inextricable bound to an internationalist-Marxist ideology.  In other words, all of our problems will be fixed when we destroy liberal-democratic capitalism for the sake of Earth (no definite article, please).  This is the totalitarianism Phillips is warning us about.  

So, the question is:  if Global-warming is a fraud, what do the religious groups that have embraced this fraud do with their support for the radical social-engineering agendas of the UNMG and the EC?


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    When our new pastor came political messages started slipping into the bulletin and once into the homile. (I switched churches for Sundays.) The bulletin has contained several little hints to "save" the planet for the last few months all of which are redundant if we have exposure to any media. What irks me is that through bible study I have learned how little we know about the tenets of our faith to which bulletin space could be devoted. A fellow bible student, an ex-nun now divorced distributed the Earth Charter and is always calling for "compassion" in prayer. My fellow students did not have a clue about the agenda behind that vile document.

  2. Global warming became an ideology and when it did so the facts were forced into place Global warming like so many environmental prediction of doom are the secular equivalent of the end times. There just seems to be something part of human nature that knows there is the end of the world. While we will not know the time or the place, the environmentalist chicken little always knows it is just around the corner if you don't act now.

    The emails show the true believes willing to fudge the facts since they see the ends justifying the means. What's a little fraud when you're doing it for a good cause.

    People seem to have forgotten that scientists also have original sin, though I guess more accurately they have forgotten about this doctrine concerning everybody. Peer review only works if others are willing to really look at and challenge results. This could have happened here if global warming skeptics had not been forcibly pushed out of the journals.

  3. Anonymous3:15 AM

    I would love to read whatever the LCWR has to say about these email revelations. I don't know whether or not they've made a statement about it, but I can guarantee you that if they do, it's going to be good for some comic relief. The predictable, mindless parroting of the liberal agenda so typical of them can be quite entertaining if we can learn not to take them as serious people of faith and wisdom, but for the clowns they have become.