25 November 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Leaks for me!  Not for thee.  NYT bows before the altar of Global Warming Junk Science.

Wow.  At this rate he'll Bush-Ugly around Christmas.

Lots of pics from the National Catholic Youth Conference. . .nice to see young Catholics happy!

Science "works" in large part b/c the public trusts scientists to be as objective and open-minded in interpreting the data as is humanly possible.  That trust disappears when scientists act like politicians.

Sad analysis for those thinking about a Ph.D. program:  "To put it another way, the most important function of the [Ph.D.] system, both for purposes of its continued survival and for purposes of controlling the market for its products, is the production of the producers."

Diogenes, ever to the point:  "Logic question: How could Bishop Tobin, by writing a private letter in 2007 [to Rep. Kennedy asking him to refrain from taking communion], escalate a public dispute that began in October 2009?"  I don't think this is an attempt on the part of the RI Dem to undermine the bishops' opposition to abortion in the debate over ScaryCare.  Nope.  Not one bit do I believe it.

This is NOT the fruit of Vatican Two but just part of the mess left behind by the "Spirit of Vatican Two" haunting the Church.   Stay close to BXVI:  God's Head Ghostbuster!

Bishop Trautman is right.  We are fighting a guerilla war.  But, ummm, not against the side he thinks we are.

Today's Coffee Spewing Pic!  St. Darth Vader saves Mother Gaia.

Buddhist recycling. . .they should try Maker's Mark bottles.

This happens to me all the time. . .especially when I am reading philosophy.

Ummm, how many ways can I say, "No thanks!"


  1. I am confused. How is Abp Nichols laying flowers at a Hindu altar and praying with Hindus different to Pope Benedict praying in a mosque and Pope John Paul II kissing the koran and praying with non Christians at Assisi.

    Father could you explain in language I can understand?

  2. Victoria,

    The Catechism puts Judaism and Islam in the same group as Christianity: "Abrahamic Religions." Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God--though, obviously, we have radically different conceptions of God. Praying in a mosque is not the same as praying in a Hindu temple or honoring Hindu deities. BTW, it's my understanding that in the middle east gifts are kissed as a sign of reception and gratitude. JPII was not reverencing the Koran as he would the gospels. Intent is vital here.

    Given all of that, I still think JPII got some dodgy advice on how to approach ecumenicism at Assisi.

    VN's gesture to the Hindu deities was not a good idea either. I don't think for a second that VN honors these gods nor does he even believe that they exist. So, there was no "worship" here. However, it has caused scandal.

  3. so, about those folks in that last pic....

    what a bunch of shits.

    sorry fr I just could NOT resist.