17 October 2009

More books for the Angelicum!

As noted in an updated post below, my first try at begging books for the Angelicum library went exceedingly well. . .thanks to the always reliable generosity of Good Catholic  Folk Everywhere!

After the list was emptied, several of you asked if I would be posting any additional books for donation.

Yup.  Sure am.

And they are now posted.  The first five books on the WISH LIST are now designated as donations to the Angelicum library.  I've listed volumes that contain introductory essays by top philosophers.  These essays are generally historical in nature and provide a great deal of important background for undergrad students in philosophy.  As I noted below, our library is underfunded, and somewhat "behind the times" when it comes to the most recent developments in modern philosophy.  It is difficult to formulate reasonable Catholic responses to contemporary philosophical problems if you don't know what those problems are!

So, send them to me, and I will give them to Fr. Miguel Itza, OP, our librarian.


  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Any contemporary library is incomplete without Ethics for a New Millennium. It's pertinent, even handed and an aid for true growth.

    M. Laker

  2. Wish my university library would go begging. We aint got nowt :-(