13 October 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Heh. . . a bishop with a spine. . .who knew?

My Ph.L. thesis subject:  Rev'd Dr. John Polkinghorne, "God and Cosmology" (vids)

NJ politics, beer guts, and a governor too fat for the job?

Rocco reports that doctrinal talks are due to begin today btw the Vatican and SSPX. . .the new rector of the Angelicum and Dominican friar, Fr. Charles Morerod is part of the Vatican team.  Pray for the success of this effort.

Trailer for the new movie about the Fatima apparitions:  The 13th Day

SanFran tax assessor uses office to retaliate against RC archdiocese

Charles Krauthammer, "Decline is a Choice":  "The corollary to unchosen European collapse was unchosen American ascendancy. We--whom Lincoln once called God's "almost chosen people"--did not save Europe twice in order to emerge from the ashes as the world's co-hegemon. We went in to defend ourselves and save civilization. . ."

"What might Creation, the Spirit of Gaia, our Living Dew-Hearted Mother Earth spinning in the Infinite Cosmic Mystery, be asking of the church today?"  I think she's asking the Church why we allow morons who write junk like this to remain in Church leadership.

Good news in the fight against AIDS/HIV in Africa

Deconstructing five common pro-abortion dodges

And by the same author, "The New Catholic Manliness"

I want one of these

Oh $#!t moments. . .

What every Japanese redneck wants:  roadkill toys!

Finding toilets in Rome. . .or wherever you are!


  1. okay, some of that made me positively sick to my stomach!! and that's saying something.

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to watch a screening of "The 13th Day".

    It's been the first movie about Fatima in decades and it was a refreshing approach to it. It cast an eye on the events and on the Little Shepherds in a contemporary cinematographic way. It was beautifuly photographed mostly in black-and-white and used color only during the appratitions.

    I really appreciated how it balanced the focus between the events and how they affected the Little Shepherds. It's very hard to portray the interior spiritual experiences of saints on film, but I think that in "The 13th Day" they accomplished it pretty well, or as well as it's possible in a movie. It was beautiful to see how the children grew into holiness after their encounters with Mary. It was an almost Carmelite glance at them, because it conveyed what words cannot convey.

    Keep an eye for it and make a point to watch it. It's well worth it.

    May Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.