13 September 2009

Nota bene. . .

I will celebrate a "private" Mass this afternoon in the priory chapel. The Mass has an intention already, but I will gladly offer other prayers as well. Leave a comment with your request. I won't publish them.

Also, please note that I have changed the shipping address on the WISH LIST back to Rome. I arrive back in the Eternal City on the morning of October 5th. Thank You notes will go out upon my return.

Fr. Philip, OP


  1. oh and my prayer intention is no secret ...publish at will.

  2. This might be stretching it, but is there anyway I could talk you into looking for a Papal flag, approx. 16"x24" in size, for me? I have been trying to find this for our homeschool classroom for months and have had no success (everything I find is too large for what wall space I have).

    I'll buy you a book... ;-)

  3. Amy, I'll see if I can find one for you on an Italian website. If not, I can get you one and ship.

    The postal service in Italy is horrible...

  4. Amy,

    Here's a 2 x 3 ft papal flag...