15 September 2009

Coffee Cup Browsing

Get all your ACORN-related news here. . .you won't find any of this in the MSM.

Despite her genetic origins in Shea the Shaggy, Lucy the Former Pagan Baby is quite cute.

Laughable: "Certainly Pope Benedict XVI is no fan. His first book as pontiff was Jesus of Nazareth and was seen as a corrective to Brown's heretical depiction of the savior." Yes, this rag is actually suggesting that the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, the Successor to the Chair of Peter wrote a book about Jesus in order to refute the third-rate hack, Dan Brown. Simply. Unbelievable. I guess the Holy Father's follow-up to his first book will be a touted as a commentary on the philosophical implications of the Family Circus cartoons. Geez.

This is one reason the Vatican is currently conducting two investigations into women's religious life in the U.S.

Trouble for the Dems in 2010? Let's hope so. But this is good news to me only if the GOP gets its pro-life act together. They had eight years to get it right and didn't.

"Some enthusiasts claim that homeschooling is the Catholic approach to a child's education, but neither history nor the teaching of the Church supports this exclusivity." I am a Big Fan of homeschooling. Teaching at U.D. has put me in the classroom with many homeschooled students. They are extremely well-educated and motivated to learn. The stereotype of socially awkward and needy geeks is unfounded. Well, the geek part is true. . . ;-)

Soon-to-be "St. John Henry Newman" and all his works on-line.

Thomas Howard: "The myth sovereign in the old age was that everything means everything. The myth sovereign in the new is that nothing means anything."


  1. sounds like the sisters are guilty of old fashiioned embezzlement to me! and then turned around and gave a seminar "how to embezzle money and property from The Church 101"

    I'd like to see ANYONE come at me with that homeschool is the only way crap. They'd better duck cuz a piece of my mind will be hurtling at their nose in short order!

    Speaking of schooling issues....I need a few extra prayers. Apparently in the years that I've had the hooligan clan in preschool/therapy and things have gone well I've lost my MightyMom mojo. I'm now faced with The Battle of the ISD and am quaking in my super hero boots and have misplaced my cape. Please pray for my perserverance and fortitude. Meanwhile I'll be searching out 5 smooth stones and a slingshot while preparing to stare down the Giant.

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    You said "cute," Fr. Philip! (And she is.)

    They had eight years to get it right and didn't. Next time, it's up to us to make sure they do.