03 August 2009

Some stuff from over there...

If you have ever wondered what the historical-critical method does to scripture, I commend to you this parody: "New Directions in Pooh Studies." It is frightening acccurate! (H/T: New Advent)

That Pustule of Warted Face-Follicles, Mark Shea, whines incessantly b/c HancAquam has outranked him. . .again! BAWAHAHAHA!

McBrien wails and gnashes over the CDF's doctrinal assessment of U.S. religious women. Note that all of the critiques of this assessment consistently fail to charitably summarize the reasons for the evaluation, preferring instead to couch the visitation in terms of "the evil hierarchy is trying to put the sisters back in their habits and into kitchen." There are perfectly good, debatable reasons for the assessment. Hint: the assessment is about rampant theological dissent on dogmatic and doctrinal issues, neo-pagan/Wiccan liturgies, feminist ideology, and outright scandal.

This is what happens when Citizens are made Wards of the State by the State for their own good. . .in this case, when the State is made your doctor. . .for your own good.

The so-called "Fairness Doctrine" in action. . .

Scary proof that Obama is the anti-Christ. . .not really. . .but the coincidences are fascinating. Remember: the anti-Christ is a spirit of rebellion not a person and as such flows through human history. Many different people have embodied the spirit of the anti-Christ. "Anti-Christ" means "against Christ" and describes a spiritual philosophy. It is not a proper name.

I think took the name of the game a little too far! :-)

Hey, can't say you were not warned. . .


  1. Fr Dismas mentioned something to me about Friars being competitive.........................................??

  2. That Pooh thing was terrific. It's also a good parody of ANY Ph.D. paper...

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Isn't the historical critical method the very MACHINERY of UD's Theology dept.?

    If you teach there [and you do, right?] how can you stand it?

    I don't want to poke a bee hive.

    But I'm just wondering... I gave it a try and it drove me bats!

  4. Anon.,

    I don't teach scripture at UD...H-C Method is not evil per se...just overdone and used in ways that counter the tradition. Pope Benedict has praised the HCM for its usefulness but also said that it is not what we need for preaching...he's suggested (rightly) that the Church Fathers are a much better example.