07 August 2009

Faith, Science, & the Contemporary Catholic

Faith, Science & the Contemporary Catholic
(A Retreat for the Dominican Laity of Dallas/Irving, TX)

Fr. Philip Neri Powell, OP, PhD (retreat leader)


Saturday August 8, 2009
9.00am-3.30pm (three 45 min conferences w/meditation periods)
Mass & Morning Prayer
Breakfast & Lunch


St. Albert the Great Priory
3150 Vince Hagan St
Irving, TX 75062

Leave a comment if you are interested

All are welcomed to attend!


  1. I am tempted to come as I am about 90 mins away. Is there any cost? What are some of the topics for the conferences?

  2. *drool*

    Can you come to Houston and give the same retreat?

  3. Alan,

    Oh maybe...if the travel reimbursement and stipend are right!


  4. Anthony, there is no cost...the retreatants take up a collection for me and the priory.

    We will cover definitions of faith, science, and how the two relate. And I will suggest ways that Catholics understand the role of science in their spiritual lives.

  5. Might you post the conferences?

  6. Great retreat, Fr. Philip. Thanks so much! Maybe you could post a list of some of the books referenced or mentioned in your talks for the benefit of those who were not able to attend?

    Thanks again and God bless.

  7. truly disgusted that I can't come.


    on a different note.

    what time you planning on darkening our door on Friday?? Assuming you like hot food it'd be nice to know :-)

  8. Mom, just tell me what time...I'll be there with my bib on!


  9. Bring your bib and show up about 4pm. That'll give us time to chat before hubby rings the dinner bell.

  10. Fr. Powell,

    i would love it if you could post your talk on faith and science. I have a 15 year old who is very grounded in his faith but we can get on the topic of science and sometimes it doesn't go very well. I worry about him being sucked in, especially when he enters college. He has expressed before (years ago) might be called to the priesthood. Please pray that he remains open to God's calling.

    God bless.

  11. Wendee, unfortunately, I didn't record my talk. Essentially, there's nothing about science for Catholics to fear so long as we remember Augustine's adage: "I believe so that I might understand..."

    When we try to understand w/o believing, all we do is gather info. Wisdom requires assent to the truth and the doing of the Good.

  12. Father, the retreat was fantastic! Thank you so much! I've been thinking and praying on everything all week; especially faith, as that's where I've been struggling quite a bit lately. I definitely need to get my hands on some of Polkinghorne's books now! :D

    One question has occurred to me. One thing mentioned at the retreat is that human persons are body and soul, integrated. Which I understand. But it makes me wonder what happens to us when we die and the body and soul separate. Who are we when in that state of separation? Are we still "ourselves"?

    I tend to think of the souls of the dead as being pretty much the same people they were when they were alive on earth, only better (or worse, depending on where they've gone after death). I think that may come more from my former, erroneous, belief that the soul is the true person and we become our true selves when we shed the body; that the body is just a vehicle we're stuck in temporarily, and not an integral part of our human-ness.

    Can you please shed some light on this or recommend something to read?

    Thank you. God be with you.