17 August 2009

Of Mice and Friars. . .

I wrote to a friend recently, "So goes the plans of mice and friars. . ."

Sometimes the itinerant life of a friar is exciting. Lots of travel (naturally), new places and faces, new challenges.

And sometimes all that excitement, travel, etc. is just headache-worthy.

My fall plans have changed a bit. I will be leaving Irving this Thursday to drive to MS for a visit with the parents. Then I am off to live in Houston until time to return to Rome on October 3rd.

Why the delay in returning to the Eternal City? Along with my thesis director and the dean, I've decided to move my comps and thesis defense to Jan 2010. I'm not so worried about completing the thesis or passing the comps. It's the French translation exam that's worrying me. If I failed the exam, I wouldn't graduate in time to teach this fall. This would leave the department a prof short and the class I was scheduled to teach untaught. Since the undergrad program is based on a progression of courses, the spring courses based on this untaught fall course would be hampered. The students would be left without a key step in their program.

So, I'll finish in Jan 2010 and start up my Roman teaching career then!

P.S. The shipping address for the WISH LIST has been changed to reflect this movement of the Spirit! And recently updated. . . :-)


  1. Flambeaux10:35 AM

    Sorry we didn't get a chance to have you to dinner, Father.

    Travel safely. Know that you remain in our prayers. And, God willing, we'll dine together the next time you're in the Metroplex.

  2. Where will you be staying in Houston? It would be shame for you to be so close and not be bought a beer by me.

  3. Alan, I will be living at Holy Rosary.

    No car though... :-(

  4. Flambeaux,

    I am sorry to have missed the chance as well! I was looking forward to sharing my Italy stories with someone who could empathize.

  5. Flambeaux9:26 AM

    Another time, if God so wills it.