20 August 2009

Ciao! (for now...)

Dear HancAquam Readers,

I am off for another adventure. . .the squirrels of Mississippi await my arrival.

Then off to Houston before returning to Rome for another exciting year of gelato, the Italian postal service, Catholic tourism, and heavy reading/writing.

Blogging will resume around Sept 4th.

While in Houston (Sept 3-Oct 3) I will be available for talks/retreats. . .frankly, any sort of work I can do to raise some $$$ for my thin student budget!

I've given talks/retreats on:

Faith and Science
Dominican Spirituality
Charity and Truth
Documents of Vatican Two
Pope Benedict's Encyclicals
Basic Catholic Moral Theology
Suffering and Death for Christians
Vocation Discernment
The Mass: Line by Line
Basics of Confession
Theology of Campus Ministry. . .

If you have a special interest, just let me know and maybe we can work something out!

God bless, Fr. Philip

Oh! Don't forget to get a copy of my prayer book, Treasures Old & New: Traditional Prayers for Today's Catholics, vol 1. The publisher wrote to me yesterday and reported that they have already have 680 pre-publications orders! It's not even in the bookstores yet.

Oh, oh! And visit the WISH LIST. . .of course!


  1. Can't you do some in England?

  2. Oh can you please update to my new blog please?

  3. Anonymous12:49 AM

    You brag a lot.

    Does that serve you well?

    Does that set a good example?

    Does it serve your order well?

    Does it serve Christ well?

    Do you care?

  4. Anon., what are you calling "bragging"?

    Here's some questions for you:

    Does accusing me of bragging serve the Church, Christ, etc.?

    Sounds a little like projection to me...

  5. Father,
    I received my copy of your book yesterday. I love the Theology of prayer essay. I look forward to praying the prayers as well as learning my faith better and more deeply.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  6. for your next coffee browsing...


    watch out for those beer cans