17 July 2009

Tin-foil moment

Oh NO!

The GOP flowchart demonstrating the morass of convoluted bureaucracy that Obamacare will impose on the American people looks like a map of how my brain works after 2.00pm everyday.

I think the Republicans must have secretly implanted a chip in my head to monitor my neurons.

Now where did I put that tin-foil. . .?

1 comment:

  1. A few comments.

    1) What does the bureaucracy-map look like now?

    2) What do the arrows indicate? Flow of goods/services/money? Hierarchical order? Accountability?

    3) What do the various colors indicate?

    4) There is some un-needed obfuscation on this chart, e.g. the crazy path taken by the line coming out of the left side of the AHRQ box. If it just came out of the RIGHT side, it'd avoid all those silly "jumps" over other lines.

    This chart doesn't do a good job of presenting information in an understandable way. Making the chart as convoluted as the reality it expresses is not helpful. (I'm not saying that a more clear graph would lead me to think that the Democrats' health care plan is any better than it really is.)