14 July 2009

The second extinction of the dinosaurs

Here's some excellent news. . .

From a fund-raising letter from the dissident dinosaurs of VOTF:

"With great heaviness of heart, we write to inform you that VOTF is at the crossroads of financial survival. . .Unfortunately, our financial condition has deteriorated before the rollout the Strategic Plan. As of early July, VOTF's reserves have all but been depleted, and it faces the prospects of not being able to pay for recurring costs during July and beyond..."

Couldn't happen to a better group. . .except for maybe Call to Action or Womanpriest.


  1. oh no, perhaps they should ask San Fran Nan or John F-ing Kerry for a bailout. In the end though, someone will probably put up the money, probably someone not even Catholic.

  2. Flambeaux4:28 PM

    Would savoring this news cross the line into morose delectation?

  3. "Couldn't happen to a better group. . .except for maybe Call to Action or Womanpriest."

    Or Catholics for Choice.

  4. JC, amen.

    Flam, likely...but I wouldn't give you a big penance.