09 July 2009

Prayers for the Niece (Updated)

Please, dear readers, keep my 9 year old niece, Melanie, in your prayers. My mom told me yesterday that it is very likely that she has contracted viral meningitis. She is going in today for more tests.

God bless, Fr. Philip

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with mom. . .Melanie didn't have viral meningitis after all. She had all the symptoms, but nothing panned out at the doctor's office.

Deo gratis! And gratis to all of you who prayer for her.


  1. Marc Porter6:14 AM

    She will be in my prayers.

  2. My Angelus will be offered for this intention.

  3. Mine as well. At least it's viral and not bacterial. Not nearly as life threatening.

  4. Well, I assume she's still one very sick little girl in need of comfort and healing...so I'll remember her.

  5. So glad about today's outcome. Thank you for the update. +