05 July 2009

Book Beggin'

I am finally settled in one place for a while! Woo-hoo!

Now, to get back to work.

I haven't begged for books in a long time. . .and despite this lapse in mendicancy on my part, several of you generous folks continue to fire books my way. As always: you don't know how much your generosity helps to keep my student budget in line. . .especially given the uncertainties in the costs of travel these days.

Though I make good use of any library I can, the amount of travel I have to do this summer to fulfill my commitments makes it hard to use local libraries. Also, to be honest, most public libraries don't exactly stock my kinda books. TCU is right down the street, so I may give them a visit.

Anyway, if you are willing and able, please visit the WISH LIST and consider sending a book my way. The first six or seven on the list are the most directly relevant to my reading this summer and the least likely to be found in the Angelicum's limited philosophy of science holdings. Don't be shy about buying USED books. . .if it's legible, it ain't gotta be pretty.

God bless you all! (Sunday homily is in the works)

P.S. I completely forgot to mention this on Friday. . .July 3rd was the 5th anniversary of my ordination as a deacon. I assisted at a first Mass on the 4th of July. . .in England!

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  1. Congratulations on the anniversary! Have you seen the St. Phillip Neri comic stripe?