23 July 2009

How high is too high? (UPDATE)

Oops. . .

One of the nurses at the sisters' convent took my B.P. this morning: 172/110.

Is that too high?


[NB. A reader asked, "Are you kidding?" I am not kidding about the BP reading. I am kidding when I ask whether or not this reading is too high. It is.]

UPDATE: Thanks to all the folks who left comments. . .I am doing fine. There are at least two factors immediately contributing to the spike in my BP: 1) almost six days w/o my HBP meds; 2) adjusting to a less-than-wholesome diet, i.e. something less than the stripped down, no fast food diet of Rome. I seriously doubt my daily intake of biscuits and pork gravy and the six cuban cigars I smoke everyday have anything to do with it. ;-)


  1. You are kidding right?

  2. Dear Father, yes that is too high, as I can see you probably know by the smiley face after your post. You're hypertensive. Start by dropping your salt intake and work your way up to walking five miles a day. Like the commercial says, "just do it."

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Absolutely. Ideal is 120/80. Higher than 140/90 is cause for concern. Please see a doctor ASAP.

  4. WOW! I'd suggest cutting down on the salt, red meat and start doing a heck of a lot more walking. Otherwise you'll find yourself a walking advertisement for a new installment of "Scanners" (see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081455/ )

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Cut down on the coffee and drink more water.

  6. [shaking head]
    And you brag about it, Father!!

    Highly suspect the tectonic shift from Mediterranean to American diet and the requisite increase in sodium intrinsic to the latter has played a part. But that doesn't mean you're off the hook ...

    PLEASE take care of this!

  7. Dear Favorite Friar of Mine.

    Please note.

    172/110 is in the STROKE ZONE.

    Assuming you enjoy having the use of all your limbs...the ability to talk and swallow and generally taking care of yourself without a full time assistant.


    signed, Mightymom's alter ego

  8. maryclare7:05 AM

    Dear Fr P,

    I Love your Mom... but hey she's right... and a message from your guardian angel that although he has this on his template list (keeping the BP down!)ready to send off at any given moment, he really would prefer not to have to do it ;-))!!
    Besides where would I go for some amusement and/or some spiritual refreshment in cyberspace every lunchtime!!
    Take care and I will hold you in my prayers again.

    Regards maryclare :-)