18 May 2009

VERY close call

I'm very clumsy.

Turning from the sink last night I rammed my hip into my desk, spilling a bottle of water onto my closed laptop.

Drained the water. Wiped the mess up. And tried to power up the 'puter.


Setting it on its edge to drain the water, I started praying that there would be no permanent damage.

Overnight, I directed my small desktop fan on the keyboard in the hope of drying any remaining water.

This morning. . .with a prayer. . .I pushed the power button. All the little green lights flashed and she booted up! So far, there's no evidence of damage.

Deo gratis! Let's pray, please, that it stays that way. . .


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Next time, although it's nerve-wrecking, let it dry out before you turn it on :) less chance of corrosion.

  2. Anonymous4:18 AM

    I have successfully ruined a laptop by spilling a mountain dew on it.

    So glad yours is ok.
    I never knew much about electronics till our children started getting gameboys and nintendo ds and veniteadoremus is right, next time let it dry out completely before even trying to turn it on. It could fry the board.
    We have had spills, and some have been washed, left out in the rain, etc. And they have always worked provided we let them completely dry before turning them on.

  3. Augustine, O.P.4:32 AM

    While this is awful luck, nothing compares to your infamous experience last year. It would eventually have to be the intro scene of the movie about your life:

    Close-Up: A silver MP3 twirling, in slow motion, through the air. (The credits roll).

    With a mighty splash it hits the surface of a liquid. (Zoom out to reveal coffee mug. Zoom out further to reveal your scowl).

  4. well, glad it booted up, did it gain an extra line across the screen from the water? maybe in the shape of a raindrop? that'd be noteworthy.

  5. I spilled Gatorade on my old HP-28 calculator and it came back to life only to die in the middle of my fluid mechanics final exam!

  6. Patience is a virtue! Let it dry and most often there will be no short term damage. In the worst case scenario, what is on the hard drive can often be easily recovered even if the CPU is fried.

    I hope you are backing up regularly? God helps those who back up themselves.

    But I will pray...

  7. Father,

    Have you heard of the movement to save the life of Troy Davis? His cause has now been adopted by Amnesty International, and thousands around the world are working for his freedom. Please have a look. Today is the global day of action for his cause, as he is scheduled to be convicted in a few days: http://www.amnestyusa.org/death-penalty/troy-davis-finality-over-fairness/page.do?id=1011343

  8. Anonymous9:38 PM

    i appreciate the note from angela.

    let us not forget the OTHER victims of our culture...


  9. Angela,

    Thank you for the link. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I oppose the death penalty.

    But I do not place my opposition to the DP on the same level as my opposition to abortion. Neither does the Church.

    I stopped supporting A.I. when they decided to prostitute their credibility to the pro-abortionists. How do you oppose torture and support abortion?

    Now, I will add Troy Davis to my prayer list...and pray justice in mercy is done.