19 May 2009

Once again. . .Coffee Bowl Browsing!

Dan Brown's One World Religion agenda

The painter of Obama-as-Christ gets it wrong. . .again

Everything you always wanted to know about apokatastasis

I've outlived Gerard Manley Hopkins. . .and you?

Dorothy's house is assimilated by the Borg

Pope John XXIII being funny. . .and speaking the Truth

Yea, I need a new laptop, but I don't need this one!

Fill it with a good bourbon and you've got a deal

Lots of good anti-religious quotes. . .most of which are true

Multi-tasking in a non-insectoid world

Classic philosophy texts podcast for your mental exercise

A multimedia presentation of Dante's The Divine Comedy

The games played in Alice of Wonderful

Why are there no Obama jokes? "The distrust of wit is the beginning of tyranny." --E. Abbey
A free on-line library. . .a million links to just about everything
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  1. try the lingzhi coffe once with pure brazilian coffe beans,. they are amazing

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I can see the objection to Obama being presented as the crucified Christ, but I don't see where his view of this one is totally wrong. Unless the person you linked to is commissioning a work done by him, I would tell them to "go jump in a lake". Really. Maybe that is what he needs to do. I don't agree with his view but it is interesting why he did it that way.

  3. Concerning the Dante thingy: Awesome! I've always wondered if Beatrice was a babe; now I can find out.

  4. I think you might need to cut back on the coffee there Fr.

    I dunno...that laptop would go great with your shoes!

  5. for your next episode of coffee bowl browsing


    don't blame me...it's the drugs!