15 May 2009

Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished!

I brought all of the intentions I received before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament this afternoon.

My thanks to all of you who promised to remember me in your prayers. Keep it up! Serious work on the prayer books is underway.

God bless, Fr. Philip, OP


  1. Amy MEV1:23 PM

    Just want to make sure everyone remembers that Fr's birthday is less than two weeks away, and Amazon wishlists are SOOOO easy to shop from! ;-)

  2. LOL! Thanks, Amy...

    I didn't put her up to that, btw.

  3. thanks for the prayers...

    now, where are my stamps?

  4. Thank you for the prayers, Father! And thanks to your post I was inspired to make it to Adoration this morning where you were also in my prayers!

  5. M-Mom, stamps?

    D-Mom, thanks!

  6. YES! STAMPS!!!

    I can't send you a birthday card without stamps you know!!

  7. Mom, I'm still confused...you want me to send you stamps?

  8. no I'm searching my house for my stamps...so I can send you something.

    don't worry, you'll get it just about the time you arrive in Dallas :-) If your Christmas gift was any indication of Italian PO.