15 May 2009

It's time for. . .Coffee Bowl Browsing!

Mark Shea spanks Dan Brown anti-Catholic bigotry. . .keep this handy for that blow-hard anti-papist uncle who shows up at summer family reunions

Several jokes about Jebbies, Dominicans, and other religious orders

Interview with an exorcist, Fr. Amorth

An e-breviary

Lay "blessings" at communion are a no-no

Demonic attack!

Darth Vader comes to Hitler's aid

I have no idea what this is. . .but it looks good!

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Answered by philosophers (my fav: "To die. In the rain." --Hemingway)

45 Tips for a happier life

Compendium of Cracked Conspiracy Theories (some R-rated stuff here)

Funny philosopher tee-shirts (warning: lots of "insider" jokes)

Filled with awe at the wonder of the universe

One of my fav poems to teach: "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird"

Poetry so bad, it's good!

Obamanomics in action

Why do non-conservatives exist?

Great political cartoon
. . .it's amazing how one picture can explain things so clearly

Anti-terrorist training camp in Texas. . .I think I see some of my family there


  1. Fr. Phillip, I know this may well sound silly, but do priests really still perform exorcisms? I thought those went out once we figured out there were such things as mental illness and epilepsy.


  2. Emilie,

    Your question assumes a fact not in evidence; namely, that all cases of what the Church calls "demonic possession" are simply cases of mental illness and epilepsy.

    Science has done great wonders for humankind...but it hasn't figured out a way to dislodge a demon.

  3. Re: Philosopher T _Shirts:

    Call me back when they have Maritain or Pieper available...

  4. DUDE!!

    Father Phil!

    WHAT are you putting in that coffee bowl???!!