27 March 2009

With Dominic at Santa Sabina

Fr. Benedict, OP; Fr. Michael, OP; three young men from Notre Dame, and I went to Santa Sabina this morning. FYI: Santa Sabina is the "motherhouse" of the Dominican Order, i.e. the curia of the Order, including the Master, lives there.

We toured the basilica--even got a chance to go into the old Imperial Roman ruins and the leftovers of Isis' temple underneath the Church! We met a wonderful group of Peruvian Dominican sisters.

The highlight: we celebrated Mass in St. Dominic's cell. I offered my Mass for the benefactors of the Order and especially for my Book Benefactors! You know who you are. . .

Fr. Philip


  1. Did you take any picture, Father?

  2. I hope to do this in June. I can't wait!

  3. Mery,

    I didn't! I have a very nice digital camera here in Rome--a "going away" gift from a friend. I left the USB cables in Texas. This is very, very typical of my Chronic Ding-batness.


    Make sure you let someone there know beforehand that you would like to visit and say Mass...

  4. If that Fr. Michael is Fr. Monshau give him my best regards. I bet I'm the only student of his that ever threw out his back in one of his homiletic classes!

  5. Dismas, it was Fr. Monshau...I will convey your greetings!

  6. sounds great.....makes me wish I'd sent you a book instead of that ornament though..........

    just sayin'

  7. Anonymous2:08 AM

    I'm right here, Father Dismas! How nice to hear from you in this unusual way (via someone else's blogsite). Yes, I remember very well the frightening incident when your back went out right in the middle of homiletics class; we were using the former novitiate community room for a classroom that day. I hope that back trouble has cleared up by now. Where are you presently assigned? In the Sacred Heart, Father M.M.