27 March 2009

Two Summer classes at U.D.

I am teaching two second term summer courses at the University of Dallas: the sophomore core course, Western Theological Tradition, and a senior seminar in English, American Literature.

Reading list for American Lit.:

Twain, M. Huckleberry Finn
Hawthorne, N. The Scarlet Letter
Melville, H. Bartleby the Scrivner
Faulkner, Wm. As I Lay Dying
O’Connor, F. The Complete Stories
McCarthy, C. The Road
Poetry packet

Western Theological Tradition:

Augustine. The Essential Augustine (anthology of Augustine's work)
Davis, L. The First Seven Ecumenical Councils (325-787)
Hillerbrand, H. J. The Protestant Reformation (anthology of major Protestant theologians)
Pegis, A. Introduction to Thomas Aquinas (selections from the Summa theologiae)
Richardson, C. Early Christian Fathers (anthology of Patristic writings)
Second Vatican Council, Dei Verbum & Lumen Gentium


  1. Would a 1948 Random House printing of Pegis's "Introduction to Thomas Aquinas" be acceptable for the course? It's been a treasure of my bookshelf for years.

    I ask this merely theoretically, as I'm stuck in New York and wouldn't be able to go to Dallas.

  2. Lucky Man!

    Have fun...!

    I know you and your students will..
    It is the UD way...as this 1967 UD graduate knows,.

    I will pray for all of you and ask that you remember me in prayer as well!

    Thank you!

  3. remember that we owe you FREE FOOD while you're here!!!!

  4. Flambeaux5:28 PM

    We owe you at least one meal, too!

  5. Mom and Flambeaux...

    Dominicans NEVER turn down free food or free books...so, DEAL!

  6. Patrick,

    As far as I know the Pegis anthology hasn't substantially changed (pun intended) since it was first printed. The introductory material has probably been edited and revised, but I don't think the contents have been altered.