15 March 2009

We're Back!

We are back from Greece!

Lots of waves, bumps, pickpockets, rude Italians, loud teenagers, a strike. . .

Also, lots of great food, wonderful sights, good friends, and lots to learn!

Thank you for your prayers and your good wishes.

Now. . .back to work. . .(bleech). . .

OH! And thanks for the WISH LIST activity while I was away. . .


  1. Uno sciopero!

    What would educational travel in Italy and Greece be without them?

  2. Glad you're back! Welcome home. Homilies first? :)

  3. Off-topic, sensitive topic. Post as a comment here, at your discretion, for benefit to moms and other household 'superiors' in your readership.

    Living in some form of community as most of us do, poses particular challenges, some of them of a sensitive nature, one of which I spent time on Friday addressing for the benefit of a friend. My subsequent post is called 'change of pace to help a friend with a tissue issue' dated 3/13/9 in my blog, third or fourth post down.

    Being the superior of a house - for whom the post is intended - has the advantage of authority of course but subordinates can benefit by being informed of the availability of this strategy to his or her superior.

  4. Welcome home!

    P.S. Loved my note...thanks :-)

  5. rude Italians

    What is it about Greece that makes Italians act as if the were French;).