17 March 2009

Podcasts & Texts for Kenrick Conferences (updated)

Fr. Thomas McDermott, OP, director of spiritual direction at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St Louis, MO, invited me to be the speaker at the seminary's day of recollection in April 2008. I was tremendously honored to be invited. Kenrick is one of the church's fast-growing seminaries. It is one of the very, very few semimaries in the U.S. that is expanding its physical plant to accommodate an upsurge in priestly vocations!

My two talks are based on the post-synodal exhortation, Sacramentum caritatis, written and issued by Pope Benedict XVI. This exhortation comes from the Synod of Bishops held in Rome in October of 2005. The document was issued in March of 2007.

I believe that this document is greatly underappreciated by theologians and lay folks alike. It could easily serve as the text for an adult faith formation class or the series of parochial talks. It is, quite simple, a brilliant piece of historical and theological reflection.

One: "figura transit in veritatem: Jesus' radical novum

Two: "Penetrating the hearts of all things": Eucharist as Moral Fission (partial)

Recollection Day homily

Complete text for Conference One

Complete text for Conference Two

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  1. Thanks for making those available. I listened to them today. Good stuff, Father!

  2. You'll need to update your links here; the website just changed over to a new site, and the links are slightly altered... :-/

  3. Grazie mille, Jeff! (Both of you)