31 March 2009

Thanks & Remember

As always. . .

. . .my deep appreciation and gratitude for the recent activity on the WISH LIST!

I have been blessed with many arrivals of new gifts in the last few days.

Thank You notes will go out tomorrow (4/01). Also, as always, my Book Benefactors will find themselves on my daily prayer list, including my Sunday Mass intentions.

Occasionally, I get emails about the List. . .please remember that I have three different areas of interest at the moment: 1). prayer in all its catholic forms; 2). the relationship btw faith and science; and 3) questions in the philosophy of religious experience.

The first corresponds to my upcoming book from Liguori Publications. The second to my academic work on the license/doctorate in philosophy. And the third in my overall preaching/teaching.

Any Dominican worth his salt has to juggle at least three intellectual/academic interests at one time!


  1. "...my Book Benefactors will find themselves on my daily prayer list..."

    I pray, I pray hard, that you get the books you need. Does that count... :) ?

  2. Aspiring,

    Of course! Prayers for books motivate book buyers, right? :-)