09 February 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick update. . .

Travel has been perfect! All my flights were on time. I arrived in MS exactly on time. Amazing. I give thanks to God and to all of who prayed for me.

The family is doing well.

I'm in Irving, TX right now.

I've been working away on my book. My editor tells me that it will be out in August 2009 if (IF!) I can get a manuscript to her by May 8th. So, add prayers against procratination and equipment failure to your daily supplications.

I arrive back in Rome on Feb 15th and begin second semester on the 16th. This will be a difficult semester b/c all of my license-level classes will be in Italian. Fortunately, I will be able to take exams in English.

I've received permission from the Provincial to live in Irving for the summer (July-Sept), so I will be teaching literature and theology at U.D. second summer term.

A few new books have made it onto the WISH LIST. These would be very helpful in finishing up my own prayer book. I already have an idea for a second book!

God bless and keep those prayers going. . .Fr. Philip, OP


  1. Father:

    Glad to see that you and your relations are safe and sound.

    I presume that you've been following the other stories that have been the talk of the Church recently: the Williamson situation, the Maciel meltdown (to use Tom Peters's phrase) and the passing of Michael Dubruiel.

    Any thoughts on these?

  2. Patrick,

    I'll have some comments when I return to Rome...

  3. Hi stranger!!

    glad all's well with you. I'll look SE and wave to you.

  4. Father,

    Would it be possible for you to post your US mailing address on your blog? I had once asked it for to (to send books on your WL to) but have since misplaced it. It would mean more books...:-)

  5. Amy,

    The best U.S. address to reach me is:

    St Albert the Great Priory
    3150 Vince Hagan Dr
    Irving, TX 75062

    But I won't be around this address again until July! :-)