10 February 2009

New OP Blog!

A new Dominican blog!

Fr. Dominic Holtz, OP, a Central Province friar and prof at Aquinas Institute in St Louis, MO has started up a preaching blog: Specious Pedestrian.

Visit him often and tell him I sent you!


  1. Spreading the word.


    Go to:



  2. Father, Your posts and subsequent dialog with others in Comments, are always engaging and always helpful; and provoking and inspiring in terms of my own discernments and cause to explore. Much of what I've written the past few months has been largely in reaction to others, unlike many years of writing in solitude, and particularly in reaction to dialog at your site, and particluarly my 2/14 post which contains important ideas, although the title needs an overhaul. I am deeply grateful for your ministry and your presence among us. Father, all but my recent posts are in 'storage,' but I invite you especially to my site to my 2/14 post just the same just because it's all I do have to give in return. Thanks, Father!