17 January 2009

What!? No lashing out?! No cracking down?!

Imagine that!

An article from the leftie-media about the Vatican that doesn't contain the words "crackdown," "lashes out," "silences," or "condemns."

You can't trust anyone to be consistent these days.

I don't think the Demonic Overlords of the Decrepit Media are gonna be happy about this. . .


  1. Not to worry, Father P -- this next Reuters article has the phrase "Roman Catholic Church condemned," so they haven't missed a beat.

  2. Did you happen to see the Ass. Press article on the Apostolic Penitentiary? My favorite innuendo: "Taking up nearly an entire city block, it is just steps away from one of Rome's most profane piazzas — Campo dei Fiori, filled with bars catering to tourists and college-age Americans studying abroad."

    Or did you happen to see the catty article by the NY Times Columnist upset that the Golden Child Obama has not given them a pre-inaugural news interview, choosing the Washington Post instead? My favorite innuendo there was the description of the Post building as "non-descript, soviet style..."

    I wonder if I were to describe these statements as "subtle, demonizing tactics first perfected by Nazi propagandists"...would they revile me, or consider me one of their own? Would they invite me to seek employment under their master? he who holds the kingdom of death and the fourth estate.

    Being a reporter/journalist is easy; any petulant teenager could do it.

  3. Dim,

    I wouldn't someone elses money on either the New York Slimes or the Washington Compost. I did all that leftie crap back in the day. Over it now. Thank God. Literally.

  4. Anonymous9:52 PM

    one can always take a temporary break when one is ahead 1,000 to 1.