13 January 2009

Coming attractions. . .

. . .this week at HancAquam:

A Dominican disputation: Is God dead?

An outline for my Ph.L. thesis at suppl(e)mental.

A quick look at the ethics of taking "brain booster drugs" at also at suppl(e)mental.

And an announcement about my book proposal to Liguori Press!

Keep checking. . .

Oh, and I got a very sad email from my WISH LIST elf. . .he's been very lonely lately. . .


  1. Eeeeexcellent - I just read a recent article in nature advocating the use of "cognitive-enhancing drugs." I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  3. well you'd better start with what is supposed to be "cognitive enhancing" cuz there ain't any that have proven efficacy or safety out there. Now there are those things like Stinko Pillowba. But there are serious problems with them.

    frankly, caffiene could be considered "cognitive enhancing" if you happen to be a bit tired......

  4. Duh, of course God is dead.

    And risen! Alleluia!

  5. fra. Robert, don't be stealing my post ideas!!!