02 January 2009

Coming attractions

Coming up tomorrow (Jan 3):

My version of the Holy Name Litany

A post on the proposed Marian dogma, Mary as "Co-Redemptrix"

More reader questions. . .(add a few more while you can!)


  1. Did the child Jesus throw temper tantrums in an age appropriate fashion?

    Will I have stretch marks in Heaven? They might be considered meritorious "wounds."

    What is the line between gossip and legitimate venting about a situation that is difficult?

    If you are a married woman, is it disrespectful of your marriage vows to let your physical appearance "go," or is it ok to say that doing other things to benefit your family or others trumps looking pretty?

    Under what circumstances is being overweight problematic from a moral perspective, ie. an expression of the sin of gluttony?

    What is the good from drinking alcohol?

  2. I'm not sure how to phrase this question but I'll try. It comes from a friend of mine. They have had a couple miscarriages, and their intent was always to have the baby baptized when born...which of course, they weren't. They have adopted the practice of having Masses said for their miscarried children.

    So this is maybe a 2-prong question: given that the parents intended the child be baptized, would that qualify as a "baptism of desire" (or does that only take place if a person himself desires but can't receive that baptism?)

    If that child would have received the graces of baptism based on the virtue of intent of the parents, it would make sense that the child would not be in purgatory, and certainly, he would not be in Hell. So my friends ask...does it make sense to have Masses said for the child? Or would it be better for them to offer those Masss for other children, the Holy Souls, or other intentions?

    I hope that question made sense...it came about after long discussion, and I don't believe there is anything absolutely dogmatic on what happens to miscarried children. I don't remember all we discussed in class last semester and hope you can shed a little light on this. I'm sure they are also looking for further consolation.

  3. Great questions...keep em coming! I'm working away this a.m.!

  4. What is the best way to articulate analogia fidei within the wider frame of analogia entis? Our brilliant Holy Father seemed to suggest at Regensberg that this was reasonable. I'm a computer scientist, not a theologian, but I want to understand!