29 December 2008

Additions to the blog, OK to read?

Check out the new additions on the side-bar.

I've added links to three of my recently posted personal stories & links to a few of my fav posts from this blog.

I might get up the nerve to post links to my fav homilies! [Partially done. . .on-going revision]

Also, I've gotten a lot of questions these last few months about whether not This or That book is OK for Catholics to read. If you will post the title and author of the book in the combox, I can respond if I know anything about the book or the author.

Generally speaking, a Catholic strong in the apostolic faith and thinking with the magisterium, one who has a good critical sense (and sense of humor) can read just about anything. If you are new to the Church, be careful! There's a lot of junk out there pretending to be Catholic.


  1. I am reading "Finding Happiness" by Abbott Jamison of "The Monastery" (BBC) fame. It seems like good information, but it also has sections that seem like Catholic-lite. Your thoughts?

  2. Marc,

    I've not read the book. I saw several episodes of the TV show and was mostly unimpressed by the theology I heard there...typical combos of pop-psychology, identity politics, etc. Nothing terribly deep.

    However, I clicked over to amazon and used their Look Inside function to read ten-fifteen pages of the books...frankly, it doesn't look bad. Basic Benedictine psychology (soul-science) and practical Christian living. It is a bit light, but Benedictine theology is designed for simplicity, practicality, which I deeply admire.

    One caution from the Dominican: Benedictines tend (I said "tend") to walk more heavily on their Platonic foot than on their Aristotelian foot. This means that they sometimes veer sharply into neo-Platonic mysticism, if they aren't careful. This is one of my own temptations as an academic.

    Otherwise, I didn't see anything problematic in the small portion I read.

    Let us know what you think.

  3. I might get up the nerve to post links to my fav homilies!

    Please do. I would love to read your homilies! The good Lord knows we don't get to hear too many decent ones anymore.....

  4. Thank you for the response. I will certainly pass on my thoughts after I complete it.

  5. One question: What would you recommend for one that wishes to learn more about Dominican spirituality?

  6. Marc,

    Ah ha! A hotty debated topic. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a "Dominican spirituality," that is, in the sense that the Jebbies have the Exercises, etc. Historically, the OP's have simply relied on living the regular life as outlined in the constitutions: preaching, community, prayer, and study. If you want to read more you can check out the Rule of St Augustine (our model), the primitive constitution of the order, and the LCO (Book of Constitutions and Ordinances)--all available when you click the Dominican shield on the left side bar. Also go to amazon and look up Paul Murray, Timothy Radcliffe, Simon Tugwell, Jordan of Saxony, the book, "Early Dominicans." Lots of good info there!

  7. Adrienne, I've posted a few on the side bar...more coming...

  8. Thank you.