02 December 2008

Cherie Blair invited to the Angelicum

LifeSite News is reporting:

ROME, December, 3, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – One of the most important institutions of higher learning in the Catholic world will host Cherie Blair, the adamantly pro-abortion wife of former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, later this month. The Social Sciences faculty of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome [where I am currently living and studying], known popularly as the Angelicum, is hosting Mrs. Blair at a conference on women’s rights on December 12.

I've received email about this asking for more information. I really don't know anything about it. I sent an email to the dean of the social sciences faculty, Sr. Helen Alford, OP, asking for a little clarification. Let's see what happens.

You can read the website for the conference here. Be sure to check out the "Links" button. I am hoping that the organizations linked in this list are linked for informational purposes only. If they are being endorsed, this is a problem.


  1. Let's see what happens.

    Why not make something happen? As in, during a question and answer session, someone should point-blank ask her, "Since, Mrs. Blair, you support unlimited babykilling, why do you pretend to be Catholic?"

  2. Patrick, I meant let's see what happens with my email to the dean. I think the other speaker will challenge Blair. If so, I'm not all that concerned.

    Fr. Philip, OP

  3. fireworks??

    I hope that there's an honest challenge and not another rendition of "I'm okay, you're okay"......

  4. Will there be videotapes available?

  5. Jana, don't know...however, we have swiftly entered the 1970's technology-wise around here!

  6. Did you get a reply from the dean? I'd love to know how a pontifical university can justify an invitation to someone like Mrs Blair.

  7. Anonymous9:57 PM

    i just heard about this on catholic radio today...i was hoping you would have the scoop or should i say poop?

  8. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Fr. Powell, with all due respect, I do not think clarification is necessary: a Catholic University has asked an abortion advocate to speak on the topic of "Religion as a force for protecting women's rights". In Mrs. Blair's mind, this includes abortion on demand and as such it makes a mockery of Catholic taching on abortion.

    I urge you to write back to Sr. Alford and tell her to remove the invitation to Mrs. Blair immediately.

    What we need now is a strong, united, pro-life Church, with STRONG LEADERSHIP FROM OUR CLERGY. What we do not need is debate on the subject of abortion: it is wrong, case closed. I ask that everyone contacts the conference organiser and demand Mrs. Blair is reoved from the programme.

    Many thanks.


  9. There is opportunity here, to do as Dominic did, and face down the enemy of souls by debating the Truth. From what I've seen so far, that doesn't seem to be the intent of the invitation. Unfortunately, scandal instead seems the order of the day, but I for one hope not.

    CB as an advocate for human rights, when she fails to understand the most fundamental of rights; Why do we keep turning to the fox to protect the hen-house?

  10. Well said Mark. Still no response, Fr Philip?

  11. Cathy, yes I rec'd a very gracious response from Sr Helen. I am waiting for her permission to post it.