03 December 2008

Arrivals & Haircuts (UPDATED)

More books have arrived. . .

Rachael K. (1), Jana (2), Paul & Mary H. (1), Bobby B. (1).

If I understand the way the post works here in the priory, the friar in charge of mailing letters, etc. takes them to work with him at Vatican Radio and mails them from the post office there. So, your Thank You notes may have the new Pope stamps and Vatican cancellations on them!

I am also looking forward to the arrival of some electric clippers from the U.S. With them I can buzz my own hair and spend the barber portion of my academic budget on books! WooHoo!

Speaking of short hair. . .I think I may end up needing a hat of some sort. Though I am rarely cold, it's possible that I could get sunburned. What kind of hat should I get?

[Update: It's strange. A couple of months ago, I posted a shortish piece on prayer and a much longer piece on religious life "behind the scenes." Both of those pieces got about five comments combined. Now, I have 21 comments about what kind of hat I should be wearing. You people are freaky! :-) ]


  1. Emmett8:09 AM

    Get one like Tom Landry had.

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  3. Why, a galero, of course. Or maybe a saturno.

  4. oh let's see....what would look good with your habit?

    there's this....


    this is nice...


    but my personal fav would be this one

    Christmas is coming...what's your hat size?? ;-)

  5. Patrick,

    Even if I liked those I don't think I could legally wear one...OP's have to be careful about what we wear with the habit...ecclesiastical garb with the habit is pretty much a no-no for all friars except OP bishops who can wear their pectoral crosses.

  6. Mom,

    OK, I like the first and third, not so sure about the second! Actually, I was thinking a tasteful cowboy hat would be perfect. One of the novices had a neat hat...sort of a river boat gambler's hat with a wide straight brim. Very cool.

    Hat size? I have no idea. I've never worn hats...owned a baseball cap once...lost it in an amusement park!

  7. Cathy9:31 AM

    I work at a Catholic college. I walked to my office one day with a friendly Domincan in his habit...and a hat like Steve Irwin wore. I figure he must have picked it up at World Youth Day.

  8. most websites that sell nice hats tell you how to choose a size. no good spending money on a hat that either falls off every time you look down or perches up at the crown of your head.

  9. This is the place for you!!

  10. Did I forget the link?

    try again.

    this is the place for you.


  11. Cathy, oh I don't doubt that at all! It's ecclesiastical garb we have to be careful about. So, prolly no galero or saturos, etc.

    Mom, I'll check out the links. 'Course I really like this one:

  12. Fr. Augustine Thompson posts a photo of Dominicans wearing the capello romano.

  13. Father, I didn't realize ecclesiastical garb was verboten with the habit. What is the reason for this rule?

  14. I'm in favor of the cowboy hat, myself. I'll sometimes wear a floppy canvas hat -- very broad-brimmed -- with my habit. But a cowboy hat has more panache. I envision you in a straw hat, rather than a felt one: air circulation is a must, else you will ... um, perspire a bit.

    There is, of course, the black zucchetto (sp?), which I'm told is traditional OP wear. But lacking a brim, it doesn't do much good against the sun.

    Be sure to post a pic when you decide on your headgear!

  15. Anita, it's an epidemic in religious life...we can't quite bring ourselves to directly confront a brother who is doing something wrong, so we make a rule that applies to everyone...long ago and far away, friars were supplementing their habits with fur trim, tassels, colors, medals, etc. Got outta hand. So now the rule is: habit only, no decoration, no pins or buttons...hats are OK but you wouldn't want to wear something meant for a bishop or monsignore.

    Fr. Philip, OP

  16. SJH,

    Thank you for the link...reading Fr. Thompson's post reminds me how much I love all the ceremonial surrounding the liturgy AND how glad I am that I never had to learn it.

    Fr. Philip, OP

  17. I think this hat is, like, SOOO you!


    They do have a wide variety of hats on the general site, though.



  18. Gregg the Obscure1:19 PM

    I'm personally partial to the Panama hat and the Fedora, but from a cultural standpoint there is something to be said for wearing a Cowboy hat in Rome.

  19. I recommend the Panama Hat... perfect match for the habit, white hat, black band.
    However, that black one you like is not bad either, I could see you in it.

  20. I'm voting with the cowboy hat. Now that I've seen a picture of you I think it would be perfect ...........and guaranteed to get you to the head of the line at the Post Office!

    Number two would be the Aussie style hat that MightyMom picked out for you.

    Straw would be good for keeping cool.

  21. Adrienne, where did you see a pic of me?

  22. Facebook (your page, by the way) - standing on top of a castle with a bunch of other folks.... the "sky gods" picture. Didn't take me too long to find it after first cruising the internet for awhile. I am RELENTLESS when I want something. Can you say Italian? Sure you can!

    And to your comment --- freaky attracts freaky, doncha know!

  23. Anonymous7:22 PM


  24. hey!

    freaky is a good thing!

    I comment on your sermons too you know!!

  25. Gregg the Obscure5:07 PM

    Some of the comments on this thread come from the host of the page, you know. I haven't seen any cross-talk in the "behind the scenes" comments. Just sayin'.

  26. Gregg,

    I have no idea what you are talking about!