16 November 2008

One World, One Religion (or else...)

In the news recently are two global initiatives that faithful Catholics should be watching with critical vigilance :

The Charter for Compassion and the Earth Charter.

Both of these efforts are Utopian fantasies that will directly challenge the Church's autonomy in matters of religious freedom. The Earth Charter has been embraced by a number of Catholic religious communities (including Dominican sisters' congregations) as a suitable umbrella statement of social justice priorities. Even a summary glance at the Charter will reveal that many of the stated priorities and goals conflict with Church teaching and classical liberal democracy. In effect, the Charter is a constitution for global socialism, pantheistic dogma (global warming), and the pseudo-religious practices of the Church of Environmentalism (the sacrament of recycling).

There is almost no chance that either charter will be adopted as international law. That's not the real danger. The real danger comes in the subtle influence each could have in shaping the minds and attitudes of young adults and children. Imagine the Earth Charter as it stands being used in elementary schools as a model of global ethics. Though many of the proposals are perfectly just and compatible with Church teaching, many directly conflict, advocating positions contrary to the faith. The language is very subtle in places and those not willing to take the time or make the effort to examine that language carefully will be duped.

The Charter for Compassion is in the works. The conceit of this document is that it will be drafted "by the people," i.e. those who choose to go to the website and contribute ideas. Ideally, this sounds like an egalitarian effort; however, one glance at the so-called "Council of Sages" and you see none other than professional Catholic dissident and Earth-Mother devotee Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB. Chittister is described on the Charter's website as "one of the Church's key visionary voices and spiritual leaders." The fix is in before global participation begins. No doubt the Charter will include ringing language about the integrity of human dignity and not one word about the evil of abortion.

The core problem for Catholics in both these efforts is that the uniqueness of the Church's authority to define her faith and advocate in the public square for her ideas will be labeled "exclusionary" or "narrow" or "partisan and sectarian." Enormous pressure will come to bear on the Church to submit her more "controversial" positions to the lowest common denominator of amorphous New Age gibberish that lauds diversity, difference, integrity, and global vision. Of course, all of these will be defined in practice so as to exclude any possibility of holding to objective moral norms and revealed truth. For example, a passage in the Earth Charter calls for the elimination of all discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation. There are already efforts underway in the E.U. to challenge the Church's teaching on the all-male priesthood, and non-discrimination against sexual orientation would undermine the Church's teaching on marriage.

One Catholic response to the Earth Charter. . .

Watch carefully. . .and pray!


  1. Interesting, Father. Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate your commitment and penetrating analysis on issues like this to ensure that people are aware to the overall prevailing new age worldview which is slowly taking grip in many minds.

  2. How does one organize resistance to a United Nations state religion? Must resistance be organized to be effective?

  3. You know I just can't get those Frank Sinatra lyrics out of my head, "and now, the end is near, it's time to face the final curtain."

  4. Msgr. Benson's classic novel 'The Lord of The World' moves one step closer to reality.

  5. Mike, I'm not sure there is any effective resistance. I think we will more or less have to rely on the usual unattractiveness of this sort of thing among the unwashed masses to kill it. Notice that both efforts were initiated by elitists academic-types and sponsored by organizations that most normal people hold in suspicion if not contempt. Efforts like Esperanto and Baha'ism rarely if ever get very far off the ground. As I say, the rare danger--and perhaps the real purpose--is to further dilute the classical tradition of western civilization and culture and its defense of objective truth, especially objective moral truth.
    Both projects are barely disguised man-made, Oprahesque religions.

  6. reminds me of Walker Percy's Thantos Syndrome...euthanasia and abortion and forced killing of famine victims in the name of compassion...

    as for "resistance", could I suggest the rosary?