27 November 2008

New Arrivals...and some news

Some of you have asked whether or not the books you purchased for me have arrived. . .I've received books from the following benefactors in the last two weeks:

Taryn K. (1), William M. (1), Elizabeth R. (1), Anita S. (1), Martha L. (3), Lynn C.(1), Alice B. (1), and Kevin H. (1).

Thank You notes have either been dispatched or will be dispatched today!

I've already been warned by the Roman vets here that postal service around this time of year is dreadful. . .packages get delivered months after they are sent or lost forever.

Over the Christmas break, I will be outlining my license thesis and praying all the while for all my book benefactors. Since study is a form of prayer for Dominicans, you will all be placed before St. Thomas Aquinas in my prayer and his intercession invoked on your behalf.
NEWS: I briefly discussed my thesis topic with the philosophy dean. He nodded approval and noted that the topic is very large for a license thesis. I promised to focus it more. He said, "Use the license thesis as the first chapter of your doctoral dissertation."

Looks like I will be writing another doctoral dissertation. . .


  1. maybe I'll wait till Jan to send your Christmas present.......... ;-)

  2. ...honestly, you might want to wait 'til late Feb or March...

  3. So... what is your thesis?
    My theory is that the the thesis directors always way that the initial topic is too broad.
    Thank you for the prayers! You may remember that I spoke to you about my 15 year old daughter. She has met with some local Dominican sisters and she will begin working in their Kindergarten class. It all came together rather quickly. I think it was due to the prayers we requested of friends and family. Thank you!

  4. I'm glad they've arrived. Mine was much faster than Amazon.com expected - their estimate was December 16th!

  5. Well at least he didn't tell you to go back and memorize the Decretals of Gratian as happened to one of your brother Dominicans, St. Antoninus.

  6. oh good grief, by then your entire book list will have changed! Maybe we'll just plan on Christmas in July when you're no longer in Rome! :-P