13 April 2008

Visit by Cardinal Arinze!

In case those in the area haven't heard: Francis Cardinal Arinze will be in Irving, TX at the University of Dallas all day tomorrow and part of Tuesday.

His Eminence will celebrate the noon Mass at the Church of the Incarnation on the U.D. campus.

He will also speak at the Irving Arts Center at 7.30pm. His talk: "Evangelization and Interreligious Dialogue."

This will be a great day for me personally! I will assist His Eminence at the noon Mass as his Master of Ceremonies (he has requested a very simple Novus Ordo Mass, btw), and I will have the great privilege of having lunch with him and several other members of the theology department!

Details may be found on the University of Dallas website.


  1. I wish my university would host Cardinal Arinze.

  2. Should be amazing! Enjoy...and my prayers that all goes well!