16 April 2008

Crdl Arinze's Visit

I've had several emails asking about Cardinal Arinze's visit. . .

Of course, it was wonderful! As I expected he is a very humble man, very easy-going but focused on the mission of the gospels.

I was a bit nervous about being his M.C., but he made it clear from the beginning that he would do "what we do" and not make any unusual demands. I was particularly worried about his miter. There's quite a bit of ceremony around a miter at Mass. . .he said to me, "I put it on when I like. I take it off when I like. You do not worry about it at all." Fine with me!

During lunch he told the theology faculty several funny stories. My favorite: Once in a Roman taxi way back in the mid-60's, the newly ordained Bishop Arinze was confronted by the cabbie with this question: "Bishop, the priests speak Latin to say Mass. But they ask for money in Italian! If Latin is so important to the Church, why don't they ask for money in Latin?"

His talk was great. . .it is available, I believe, as a video from Irving Community Television.

He came to the priory on Tuesday morning and celebrated a private Mass with the novices. They got a pic with him. . .I'll see if I can post it.

Oh! And, no, I didn't ask him for a job. Though I love liturgical theology and would probably sell a kidney to work in the Vatican, I have my eye set on becoming the Papal Household Preacher. My apologies to the current PHP, but that job should really go to a Dominican!


  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Oh, after all Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa is not that bad.

  2. N, he's not. But he's not a Dominican and, more importantly, he's not ME! ;-)

    Fr. Philip