22 April 2008

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dominican Liturgy

Fr. Augustine Thompson, OP of the University of Virginia has done the Order and the Catholic world a huge service!

Over the last year or so Fr. Thompson has been posting on NLM a series of essays on the Dominican liturgy. Now, he has put these essays and a whole slew of other great info on a single blogsite for our education, inspiration, and delight.

Check it out: Dominican Liturgy.

And, please, all bloggers: link to the site and give it a mention (especially Jeff Miller, Mark Shea, Amy Welborn, Gerald Augustinus!) Come on, help a poor friar out!

Fr. Philip, OP


  1. Thanks, Brother, that was right friarly of you.


    --Augustine O.P.

  2. Brian24:17 PM

    This is really intersting. Do you think, Fr., that the Domicans at UD would offer it.

  3. Brian, I've not been trained in this rite...my guess is that only Frs Robinson and Logan know how to celebrate the rite...and they haven't done so in more than 40 yrs.