12 February 2008

More poetry vids...(edited)

I had to edit these down to two vids b/c the post was so large it was causing download problems for some readers. . .you can find all of the vids I had here on YouTube.com. . .


  1. A nice selection. Thank You.

    I find Dylan Thomas reading his own poetry slightly disappointing - I can heartily recommend the recordings made by Richard Burton (before he was trashily seduced by Hollywood).

    Funnily enough, I first became aware of Mary Oliver only three days ago - I chanced upon a reading on the radio of "Heavy" from her new anthology "Thirst" - and am hungry for more. On the video you posted I found the silly and literal images irritating. There is much truth in the trite saying that Radio is preferable to TV "because the pictures are better".

  2. Londiniensis,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the readings/vids. There are several D.T. poems/vids on-line. I went with his own voice b/c I think it is most authentic...not the best aesthetically, as you point out.

    Also, I am somewhat shamefaced to admit that I do not care for Mary Oliver's poetry. I posted the vid in the hope that someone else might share my opinion of this very popular poet's work.

    Thanks for commenting...Fr. Philip