13 February 2008

Go into all the world and apologize in my name...

Here is the inevitable result, the tragic and entirely predictable end of syncreticism in the Christian church:

LOS ANGELES - The Bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Los Angeles has issued an apology to Hindus worldwide for what he called "centuries-old acts of religious discrimination by Christians, including attempts to convert them" reports India Abroad. The apology was given in a statement read to over 100 Hindu spiritual leaders at a mass from Right Reverend J John Bruno. The ceremony started with a Hindu priestess blowing a conch shell three times and included sacred chants.

OK. Nothing wrong with apologizing for past hurts. . .IF you are the one who did the hurting. . .otherwise it is a form of public self-loathing and false pride.

But what instigated this need to apologize on the part of Mr. Bruno?

This meeting was the result of a dialogue, started three years ago, between Hindu leaders and Rev. Karen MacQueen, who was deeply influenced by Hindu Vedanta philosophy and opposes cultivating conversions.

And the result (i.e., punchline) of this "influence"?

"There are enough Christians in the world," [the Episcopagan priestess] said.

Yup. . .that is exactly why Jesus died on the Cross. . .so those who claim to follow him and those who vow to preach his gospel can betray him just one more time. . .

Link to the original article (though the headline makes no sense)


  1. Appalling. Absolutely shocking... but then again... it's The Episcopal Church (tm).

    However: although I have found articles describing a joint Hindu-Episcopalian service in LA, I have not found the India Abroad article that quotes Karen MacQueen saying what it is reported she said. Perhaps this is made up.

  2. Sorry! I forgot to include the original link...it has been added...

  3. Jeez. How depressing. I wonder how much more stuff like this Episcoplians/Anglicans will put up with before they come home.