24 February 2008

Ideas, anyone?

Though I enjoy writing and preaching these homilies (I hope that's obvious!), I've found myself thoroughly enjoying the challenge of writing the occasional pieces I've written as well (confession advice, vocations, etc).

So, it occurred to me to ask: is there topic or a question or a problem you would like to see me write about for this blog?

I'm open to hearing all-comers. . .but I'm not promising to write something on every idea shot my way. If an idea strikes me as particularly interesting or ripe for discussion, I will pick it up and run.

Either send me an email (address on the left) or--better yet--leave a comment.

God bless...Fr. Philip, OP


  1. Father, I have heard that Dominicans sometimes celebrate a different form of the Mass. Can you tell us about this - when it is used, how it is different, that sort of thing?

  2. Anonymous5:21 AM

    I would add my second to Patrick's suggestion -- that sounds like an interesting topic.

    I'd also like to get your advice on how to make prayer and Bible reading more a part of every day life, and also how to make it more 'effective' if that's the right word. Hopefully that conveys what I mean.

  3. Anonymous7:34 AM


    How about something on the condition of contemporary religious life--not just a negative perspective, but perhaps something like a recommendation for actually accomplishing the real renewal that the Council called for? It wouldn't necessarily have to be written from a particularly OP point of view, but that would be great too.

    In suggesting this, I think about many of the comments you made on domlife.org 4 or 5 years ago, which were not only witty, but right on the money.

    fr. Martin Farrell, op

  4. The confession advice was magnificent.

    Since you have more opportunities to read philosophy and theology, one thing that might make for good posts would be insights you've received from books you've recently read.

  5. I have only recently (with in the last two weeks or so) come across your blog - it was a link to your "Confessional Advice" entry that brought me here. I'd love to see more writing on confession. I've been very lax in making use of this sacrament over the years, and am coming to realize I need to change this situation, but I find there is quite a resistance in me.

  6. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I second patrick's request and also I would like to know how to remain loving and joyful while being assulted at Mass by ad libbing priests, glory and praise hymns, and feel good homilies. (since you took the name Philip Neri I thought you might have some insight into this :))

  7. Hi Father! One thing that I have been meditating on lately is the Tabernacle and it's place in the church. I wonder about the reasonings of Vatican II to move the Tabernacle and as to why the faithful should be educated about the theology behind it. I have heard some of the arguemtns, but I just don't seem to understand it well enough to accept Jesus being moved away from the alter, or even the church building!

  8. I would second Denver's request. I for one would be most interested to hear your reflections on all the modern and post-modern works you've been reading.

  9. Here's my contribution.

    I've never seen anyone do a moral analysis of C.S. Lewis's civil marriage for the sake of pulling a fast one on the crown so that Joy would not be deported.

    The currency of this is in relation to the immigration debate.

  10. Uh...how to start a chapter of Lay Dominicans?