14 October 2007

Hermeneutics of Books

The more I read the more I need to read. . .

The cycle is neverending!

I've updated the Buy Fr. Philip PHILOSOPHY & THEOLOGY Wish List. It now includes more texts on philosophical hermeneutics, i.e. the uses of philosophy in interpreting texts, or the philosophical issues involved in reading texts and interpreting them. You would be surprised to know just how many problems there are in the interpretations of various kinds of texts.

I'm going to need more boxes before I move. Sigh.


  1. Father,

    Are you particular about whether you get new or used books?

    Also, has the decision been made as to your destination?

  2. Hiya! Naw, I liked new or used. I usually have that written on the list somewhere...I'll go add it now.

    Thanks, Fr. Philip, IP