10 October 2007

Fr. Paul Hinnebusch's Homily Archive

I recently received word from Celine Powers that the homily archive of the Dominican preacher, Fr. Paul Hinnebusch is up and thriving.

If you are a Preacher (of any sort!) you will benefit tremendously from Fr. Hinnebusch's meticulously researched homilies and powerful teachings on following Christ in the modern world. In my own research for homilies, I frequently run across Fr. Hinnebusch's marginalia in texts ranging from popular spirituality to the latest work by the giants of biblical scholarship. The archive includes both texts and mp3 recordings.

The archive is an on-going work of a dedicated group of lay folks here in Irving, TX.

You can find the site here: Suscipe fiat. I would ask that if you have a blog, please link to this site, especially if you are Jeff Miller, Mark Shea, Amy Welborn, Gerald Augustinus, Jimmy Akin, or Tom Kreitzberg--just to name a few of the Big Dogs of Catholic blogdom!

God bless, Fr. Philip, OP

Update: Thanks Tom of Disputations!

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