02 December 2021

Word and deed, word and deed

1st Week of Advent (Th)

Fr. Philip Neri Powell OP

St. Dominic Priory, NOLA

Christ reveals the Father finally and uniquely in word and deed. He teaches us to pursue his mission and ministry in word and deed. Words alone may satisfy the intellect but leave the will with nothing to do. Deeds give the will plenty to do but can leave the intellect idle. If we will build our spiritual house on solid rock, we will pursue holiness in word and deed, revealing the Christ to the world in every word we speak and every deed we do. IOW, we will bring our whole person – body and soul, intellect and will – to task of growing in holiness. To do the will of the Father, we have to hear and listen to the will of the Father. This means cultivating an intellectual life finely tuned to the Real. Not just the really real of the physical world but the really real of the whole of Creation as created. Here we see the wisdom of the prophets naming God our Father. How else can we receive ourselves as hearers and doers of the Word except as creatures? We are wholly dependent on the Father for our very existence. Our growth in holiness is founded on the solid rock of humility. This is the truth we bear witness to in word and deed. 

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