22 April 2021

On being taught

3rd Week of Easter (Th)

Fr. Philip Neri Powell OP

St. Dominic Priory, NOLA

What is it to teach? What is it to be taught? The Spirit teaches Philip, and Philip teaches the eunuch. It's a safe bet that the eunuch, returning to his queen's court, teaches a few of his friends. The secret of being taught is found in the eunuch's admission of ignorance – how can I understand unless someone teaches me? The eunuch knows that he can have an opinion of the reading from Isaiah. He can speculate. But to understand God's revelation in scripture – he must be shown the way by someone who has walked the way. The resurrected Christ shows the disciples the way to understand the scriptures. He opens their minds to understand. Being taught then is something like being led along a path. Like following. And teaching is leading the way. Philip leads the eunuch to read the passage from Isaiah as having been fulfilled in the divine person of Christ Jesus. When he sees this truth – the Way – he understands. Now, he is prepared to lead others. The best teachers and the best students both lead and follow. The Spirit is ever-ready to show us the way. Our task is to follow and be ready to lead when He calls. 

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