04 March 2021

Only the Lord endures

2nd Week of Lent (Th)

Fr. Philip Neri Powell OP

St. Dominic Priory, NOLA

It would seem that trusting in the strength of the flesh is the way to go. In a purely material world, where things aid or obstruct our progress, being strong – physically strong – is an advantage. But Jeremiah tells us that the man who trusts in the strength of his flesh is cursed. How so? Well, the things that aid or obstruct our progress are temporary. Ephemeral. They are passing away as everything created passes away. Physical strength may be well and good now. But tomorrow it may be gone. What endures? The Lord endures. Our trust in the Lord endures if we have the strength – the spiritual strength – to endure the temptations of the flesh. These temptations tempt us to invest in the temporary, the passing-away of things. Grain rots. Property depreciates. Even the stones wear away. What seems absolutely certain today is doubtful tomorrow. But the Lord endures. We sit here during Lent, preparing ourselves for the singular event of the Resurrection – the historical event that has and will change everything we love and everything we hope for. If that's not enough to feed our strength to endure, then even the witness of Moses himself is not enough to move us from our obstinate ignorance. If knowing that Christ has risen from the tomb is not enough, then there's nothing and no one left to challenge our despair. We are lost, and not even a flood water from the netherworld will soothe our sore and aching souls. 

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