26 November 2020

Not too late to give thanks


Thanksgiving Day 2020

Fr. Philip Neri Powell, OP

St. Dominic Priory, NOLA

Giving thanks for the Year of Our Lord 2020 may strain a few of our spiritual muscles. Giving thanks for 2020 – even so close to its finish – may also seem premature. There are still six weeks remaining and plenty of time for the Zombie Apocalypse to commence. Or the SMOD to fall. Or – lest we forget – time for the Murder Hornets to fly in and ruin Christmas. But even with these unlikely disasters looming, we can and must give God thanks b/c He never abandoned us. And He never will. Despite one seemingly improbable calamity after another, He remains faithful to His promises urges us to do the same. If the Samaritan leper can return to Jesus and thank him for his healing, we can surely thank him for seeing us through this trying year. We can even find the courage to thank him for our trials. Being faithful in comfort is easy. The true test comes when nothing goes right and the world spins out of control. Who or what do we turn to when “things fall apart”? Gratitude guarantees no specific results. But it does condition us to bear up under a hard and constant reality: w/o God we are nothing. Thanks be to God!


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